Inspiring Business: Good Eggs

LA in Bloom | Good Eggs

Like most people, I am always on the hunt for ways to eat healthfully and responsibly that won’t break the bank or require an unrealistic time commitment. Which is why I’m inspired by Good Eggs, a company that functions as … Read More

Inspiring Business: Hopewell

LA in Bloom | Hopewell Studio Visit

I first met Claire Oswalt in 2007 when my friend, the clothing designer Jesse Kamm told me about a wonderful artist who happened to be one of her best friends. Claire and I instantly clicked and had a great run … Read More

Inspiring Business: Olive & June

I recently received the most delightful invitation. My friend Crystal Meers (gorgeous and ingenious) asked if I would like to come to Olive & June, a nail salon in Beverly Hills, for a preview manicure (the salon officially opens tomorrow). … Read More