Bedroom + Backyard Updates


In anticipation of the Sunset shoot, Alex and I focused on improving two main areas of our home – the bedroom and the backyard. I loved the process of pulling these spaces together so I wanted to share some additional images of the finished products.

My friend and interior designer Lauren Soloff has great style and she helped with the bedroom. The idea was to create a calming escape of warm and cool whites peppered with vivid colors. We bought linen sheets from the Matteo warehouse downtown and splurged on a handwoven pillow from Nickey Kaheo. We tied it all together with a mid-century Danish dresser and bedside tables from Denmark 50 and lamps from West Elm. Artwork from Taylor De Cordoba artists Kyle Field and Frohawk Two Feathers made everything pop. 
While Lauren and I were in a world of linens and pillows, Alex was working with our friend Tory Polone to transform the backyard. How amazing is this white fire pit?
Alex has wanted to build furniture for years and this project provided the perfect excuse to start. With the help of his dad, Pedro (a master woodworker), he built the banquette around the fire pit, the farmhouse table and the accompanying bench with his own two hands. 
And two days before our shoot, I remembered a beautiful hammock stuffed in the corner our garage. We bought it two years ago on a trip to Zihuatanejo and had never gotten around to installing it. Once Alex and Tory hung it in between an orange and a grapefruit tree in a shady corner, I felt like we had created the backyard we have been envisioning for years – a place to lounge, entertain and embrace the year-round blue skies and warm temps of LA living.  
UPDATE: the winner of the Annie Costello Brown Giveaway is Jennifer of Whisk it Good! Congrats and thanks to all who entered!