Frohawk Two Feathers at the Museum / Life of a Gallerist

When we opened Taylor De Cordoba in 2006, we started working with a very talented young artist named Frohawk Two Feathers. In fact, it was meeting Frohawk, along with several other LA-based artists like Jeana Sohn and Kyle Field, that inspired us to open an exhibition space.
IMG_7448Alex and I have been in Denver this week to celebrate the opening of We Buy Gold, We Buy Everything, We Sell Souls, Frohawk’s first solo museum show at MCA Denver. Led by the visionary museum director Adam Lerner (read about him in the New York Times), this institution is a hub of creative activity and experimentation. To see one of the artists who we nurtured from the begininning in a museum is exciting. To see one of our artists at MCA Denver is thrilling. IMG_7393 Frohawk made a new body of work for this exhibition, which hangs alongside older works on loan from loyal collectors. IMG_7411 One of my favorites from the new series. IMG_1644s Working with the brilliant and dedicated co-curators Nora Burnett Abrams and Tricia Robson (below) was one of the best parts of this whole experience. IMG_7467
I arrived in Denver on Wednesday, just in time for a gallery walk through with the artist. I also managed to squeeze in a lot of cozy hang time with Frohawk’s wife Michiyo and daughter Iroha. IMG_7489 Iroha frolicking through the museum’s Bubble Garden. So much innovation here! IMG_7511 Frohawk’s artwork comes to life when he talks about it and here he tells the story of a portrait entitled Blanca, The Motherfucking Queen of Spain to engaged gallery visitors. IMG_7466 After a power nap at the hotel and an hour of quality time with the Food Network, we got all dressed up for the private dinner for museum patrons and supporters. denver1 The dinner for 80 took place in the main gallery, where diners were surrounded by elegantly-hung artwork. Director Adam Lerner gave Frohawk a warm welcome and made a great speech about the museum and community. denver2
On our way out, we posed for a few more pictures in the gallery – here I am with Tricia and Michiyo. denver3
As exciting and celebratory this evening was, it was all a warm-up for the public opening, which happened the following night at the museum. The party raged till midnight and included an artist talk, a live performance and plenty of white wine sangria, perfectly suited for the summer solstice. We spent the evening talking about the work with party goers and collectors and celebrating Frohawk. On the way out, Alex and I snapped a picture with our portrait, placed on the exhibit’s opening wall. What a week! We are so proud of Frohawk and TDC! IMG_7820
If you are in Denver, please take some time to visit the exhibition Frohawk Two Feathers: We Buy Gold, We Buy Everything, We Sell Souls at the MCA Denver. On view June 21 – September 9, 2012.