The Bazaar

Last night’s dinner was theatrical, delicious and unique in every way possible. My partner in crime was the beautiful and inspiring Deb K. Together we spent several hours eating our way through The Bazaar at SLS by Jose Andres, a newly opened multi-room dining experience. You sit down in one area for drinks (best gin and tonic probably on earth), move to another room for savory small plates and then relocate to a candy colored Patisserie for dessert. We ordered the tasting menu, which included such things as reconstituted olives, cauliflower “cous cous” with pomegranate seeds and pine nuts, and lobster and potatoes in olive oil and saffron. And then, as if at a dim sum restaurant, a woman pushing a cart offered us foie gras hidden in home-spun vanilla cotton candy (I ordered this) and caviar in a crepe cone (Deb chose this). And that’s not even the half of it.

After dinner, the hostess escorted us to a table in the “Patisserie” section of the restaurant where we ordered Hot Chocolate Mouse (with little hazelnut crunchy bits) and a Coconut Floating Island (which our server described as delicious, gourmet astronaut food).

As if our senses weren’t already in overdrive, there’s also a Moss store scattered throughout the Patisserie. It’s dramatic, strange and like the rest of the dining experience at The Bazaar: completely compelling.