My Week with Summerland

So happy to be back here on LA in Bloom, eagerly debuting our fresh new look! Hope you guys like it. And I’m thrilled that my first post of 2014 is about Summerland, a smart new company that I’m very excited about. The idea here is “farm to frontdoor” and this LA-based company does exactly that. Subscribe and get a box of either all veggies, all fruit or a 75/25 combo. Prices start at $30 and go up if you decide to order any add-ons. Alongside the bountiful selection of local, seasonal and organic produce, Summerland offers a selection of small batch sundries in their market (Granola Project, Sqirl jams, Pasolivo California Olive Oil and Jacobson Salt Co. to name a few).

I love this idea for people who are too busy juggling work and/or kids to make it to the farmers’ market. As of now delivery is limited to CA but Summerland is rapidly expanding around the country due to high demand. Receiving this box was such a treat and it prompted me to cook many delicious, simple meals throughout the week. I highly recommend ordering one ASAP.