Meet my friend Helen Johannesen, one of the smartest and hardest working woman in LA. In addition to being a partner in the newly-opened Jon and Vinny's, the Director of Operations and Beverage Manager for Animal, Son of a Gun, Trois Mec and Petit Trois, she has just launched her namesake wine shop Helen's More »
Paper Chase Press is an inspiring business for many reasons so I'm just going to start listing them now: it's a family business, a local business, a job creator, a purveyor of good taste and a promotor of great design. And at the helm of this beacon of ideas is More »
The textile expert Joanna Williams is introducing a new phase of her already multi-textured LA-based business. Alongside her Textile Studio, Kneeland Co. and Online Marketplace, Kneeland Mercado, Joanna has found yet another way to share her love of design, textiles, magazines, books, imagery and objects with the public. This summer More »
Like most people, I am always on the hunt for ways to eat healthfully and responsibly that won't break the bank or require an unrealistic time commitment. Which is why I'm inspired by Good Eggs, a company that functions as a virtual marketplace for locally-made and grown food. Good Eggs More »
I first met Claire Oswalt in 2007 when my friend, the clothing designer Jesse Kamm told me about a wonderful artist who happened to be one of her best friends. Claire and I instantly clicked and had a great run working together at the gallery, where we collaborated on two More »
I recently received the most delightful invitation. My friend Crystal Meers (gorgeous and ingenious) asked if I would like to come to Olive & June, a nail salon in Beverly Hills, for a preview manicure (the salon officially opens tomorrow). The idea is a good one - affordable priced mani/pedis More »