Holly Flora

Holly Vesecky is an artist who happens to use florals as her medium, not too unlike the way Tai Kim over at Scoops stumbled upon ice cream as his material of choice. Whether she’s making a floral volcano, an art piece for a museum or simply a tabletop arrangement, the effect is downright awe inspiring…

Holly made this piece in collaboration with Machine Project for Art LA 2006. What you’re looking at is a floral volcano that rumbles and erupts petals via pneumatic cannons with a edible lava pit.

She is doing a series for “first fridays” at the Natural History Museum this spring. This piece, relating to the use of tools, will be shown in March. The materials are battle axes, dendrobium orchids, and purple carnations. Fierce!

Pure beauty: Eremeris and setonia grass with begonia leaves and protea.

More Beauty: Dahlias, blushing bride protea, roses, and verbascum.