Ojai – What’s not to love?

Last weekend, Alex and I escaped from LA to our favorite local getaway, Ojai. The Love Shack (where we usually stay) was all booked up so we decided to give the Ojai Valley Inn a try. I missed the charm of the Shack….however, spending days reading by the herb garden pool (entrance above) was nothing short of heavenly.

Once we had soaked up enough rays, we ventured out in search of adventure. We quickly stumbled upon this sign and rolled up to New Oak Ranch. Next thing you know…

Five bucks buys you as many stems as you can fit in a twist tie. We also picked up some Lavender Tomato jam, destined to become the focal point of a cheese plate for an upcoming dinner party.

Feeling all peaceful in our lavender daze, we wandered into Osteria Monte Grappa, an inviting outdoor restaurant.

Did I mention that I love rosé?

And artichokes stuffed with heirloom tomatoes?

And Affogato, one of my favorite desserts of all time. Gelato drowned in espresso – what’s not to love?

The trip was so fruitful and plentiful that even on the way out of town it was impossible escape nature’s bounty. We couldn’t resist pulling over and buying a couple bags of tastiest plums of our life to sustain us for the ride home.