Garden Updates


As I’ve mentioned before, we’re in the middle of a major garden overall in preparation for our impending nuptials. We’re planning an intimate ceremony in our backyard.


Things are finally starting to take shape and I’m discovering something new and beautiful everyday. Like these bright red ranunculus (one of my favorite flowers), which Holly and Becky (my garden gurus) surprised me with. Love.


I wonder what it will all look like for the big day in June…


Gardening has always symbolized relaxation for me and it feels fitting that our little project has really taken off this week, considering (bury the lead much?) I suffered a minor concussion on Sunday, which has literally knocked me off my feet and off my game. So…


It seems obvious that the universe is telling me to slow the eff down and spend more time in the garden. Right?


p.s. concussions are scary as shit.