Mulberry Haven

Back in May I had the magical experience of visiting Mulberry Haven, a farm in Ojai owned by my friend Holly Vesecky and her mother Carol. As the name would suggest, Mulberries are the speciality here and the farm is home to 66 tress and five different varietals of the elusive berry (they also grow other California goodies like avocados and citrus). The first time I ever tasted a mulberry was when Holly and I were first becoming friends and she brought a basket to the gallery. I was hooked after popping the first little jewel-like berry into my mouth and now I look forward to the season each summer. I have made mulberry jam and muberry granita but mulberries are best eaten on their own, maybe with a little freshly whipped cream. Or if you’re like me, you’ll eat them with your fingers on the way home from a warm afternoon spent at the farm. The season lasts through the end of July and Mulberry Haven welcomes visitors.