Dinner as Poetry

IMG_9563 Last sunday, my friend Gaby invited us up to her cousin’s house in the Hollywood Hills for a traditional ragu dinner. Meaning she would simmer a variety of different hearty meats (in this case, pork sausage and beef) in a homemade tomato sauce for approximately ten hours. It was a tough decision, but we ultimately we accepted! Alex and I brought strawberry mint margaritas and melon wrapped in prosciutto, which a group of us enjoyed while taking in the view of our fine city.

The ragu was dynamite – per Sicilian culinary tradition, Gaby removed the meat from the sauce and served it on a big plate in the center of the table. The remaining ragu served as a light yet rich coating for big servings of pasta. We drank wine. We couldn’t stop talking about how delicious it all was. Leave it to Gaby.

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