Cortez is a new restaurant in Echo Park, opened by Marta Teegen and Robert Stelzner of the always inspiring neighborhood market Cookbook (also in Echo Park). Open for dinner, weekend brunch and weekday “coffee”, this is just the kind of place I wish existed around the corner from where I work and where I live. Stacks of rustic bowls, bouquets of hanging dried herbs and a seasonal rotating menu make this restaurant the epitome of cozy eating. Following an early Sunday morning hike in Griffith Park, Alex and I tried the Cortez brunch, after loving the dinner so much several weeks back. We ordered: flatbread with avocado honey and olive oil, farro and lentils with fried shallots, harissa and a fried egg and persimmon pudding for dessert. Fresh mint tea to drink. And I only have one question. When can I go back for more? (and where can I buy some avocado honey? ok, two questions).

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