He who seeks beauty is destined to find it

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In a blundered effort to see Jane Eyre earlier this week, I found myself in the theater about to view the new documentary, Bill Cunningham New York. And I can’t imagine a happier accident. The film was so full of charm and wit and I found myself deeply moved by the integrity and passion of this man who has been shaping style for decades. At one point, while receiving an award in France, he tearfully says, “He who seeks beauty is destined to find it.” The beauty of THAT sentiment is almost too much for me.


While watching this gorgeous film, I recalled opening the paper one Sunday in 2004 and seeing the smiling face of my beautiful cousin Tracy Taylor prominently featured in “On the Street”. Seeing this woman whom I have always looked up to – really one of my mentors and closet confidants – made my face light up (and of course made me run and get a trench). I love that she’s part of the Bill’s fashion history.

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And here she is a few years later, shutting it down in a shrunken blazer and some pants that I wish I was wearing right now :) Here’s to a chic and inspired weekend! xo

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