Scarlett’s First Birthday

Even though I feel like it was just yesterday that I brought my tiny little baby home from the hospital, my boo Scarlett just turned one. And to celebrate her first trip around the sun we invited friends and family to join us for an afternoon in our backyard. As much as I tried to keep it mellow, I actually felt more excited about this party than I did about my own wedding. I dusted off my old Kitchen Aid and made a two layer Strawberry Cake, which I covered with roses and begonias from my garden. Speaking of flowers, Holly and Becky of Hollyflora were not messing around. A riff on my fave marigold chains, we strung together the fluffiest pink carnations and hung them throughout my backyard. Food was casual and fun – big platters of pupusas and enchiladas with rice and beans, all served buffet style. The kids played in a Kalon Field Tent (decorated with marigolds), while adults enjoyed “Scarlett Margarita,” created by the brilliant cocktail queen Sabi Khalsa (recipe below). Scarlett, who stayed awake just long enough to have her first taste of cake, wore a red velvet dress that I wore for my first birthday (still in awe that my mom saved it for all these years). And inspired by an idea I discovered here, I asked guests to write a piece of advice for Scarlett to read she she’s a big girl. The day was as magical as I dreamt it would be. xoHBT

by Sabi Khalsa
serves 1

1 1/2 oz. tequila anejo
2 blackberries
3/4 oz. lime
just under 3/4 oz. simple syrup
Just over 3/4 oz. hibiscus cinnamon tea*
Soda water
Small spoonful rose elixir
Salt, cinnamon, rose petal mixture**

Rim glass with salt mixture and fill with ice. Muddle 2 blackberries with ice in shaker, add other ingredients and shake well. Strain mixture into glass and top with soda water, mix. Garnish with rosemary sprig and blackberry.

*fill 4 quart pot with water, add two large handfuls of dried hibiscus flowers and 4 cinnamon sticks, bring to a simmer. Take off heat and let 4 English breakfast tea bags steep in mixture, cover and let sit for up to two hours then strain and refrigerate.

**in a spice grinder, grind small handful of dried rose petals and a cinnamon stick. Add mixture to 1 tablespoon coarse salt

Photos by LA Kids Photography and Heather Taylor