Inspiring Business: Good Eggs

Like most people, I am always on the hunt for ways to eat healthfully and responsibly that won’t break the bank or require an unrealistic time commitment. Which is why I’m inspired by Good Eggs, a company that functions as a virtual marketplace for locally-made and grown food. Good Eggs features some of LA’s best artisinal food makers (including Sqirl, Almond Milk LA and Bakeology), alongside produce and flowers from local farms. When putting together your order on their sleek website, throw in some eggs, milk and freshly baked bread too (I’m clearly craving French toast). Orders will arrive on your doorstep within 36 hours or you can arrange a pick-up at one of their designated Pickup Spots. While Good Eggs currently has hubs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and New Orleans, they have plans to quickly expand their services into other cities. I chatted with the Meg Glasser, the Good Eggs LA Team Lead, about what’s happening at this exciting new company.

Heather Taylor: What is the philosophy behind Good Eggs? 

Meg Glasser: Good Eggs mission is to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide. We make shopping for healthy, local, sustainably grown and produced food easy and accessible.

HT: Please describe your role at the company and tell us about a typical day at the office.

MG: I am the City Lead, which means I have my eye on just about everything that the Los Angeles team is doing. I work closely with the hub in San Francisco to see that the work we’re doing in LA aligns with the big picture goals of Good Eggs. In a typical work day I may be meeting with our management team, reviewing our budget, brainstorming where our next Pickup Spots will be stationed, having a one on one meeting with one of our staff, or discussing partnership ideas with a Community Stakeholder. 

HT: Please list five things about Good Eggs are you most excited about right now.

MG: 1. Free Delivery! We are offering free delivery throughout LA, four days a week.

2. Mobile shopping. Type “” into your browser on your smart phone and you can shop while you’re on the go. It has a beautiful interface and is super easy to use.

3. Our incredible assortment of local groceries. We have 125 local producers selling on Good Eggs, including Cook Pigs, Red Bread, Little Flower, Grist & Toll, Straus Creamery, SQIRL, Bread Lounge and so many more.

4. Our Passover and Easter marketplace. On Monday we launched our Passover and Easter marketplace so people can shop for their favorite holiday eats and have them delivered in time for their holiday celebrations. 

5. Our Opening! On April 7th we officially opened and we are now operating at full capacity. On Saturday, April 12 from 2 -6 we have a big foodhub Opening party. This is a family-friendly event with live latin music and dancing, plenty of food and drink, face painting, a mini-farm and other delicious activities. We’re expecting around 500 people at our beautiful new ware-home in Frogtown, one block from the LA River bike path. You can look forward to beer from Angel City, tamales from Mama’s Hot Tamales, Handsome coffee, bread from Bread Lounge and Homeboy Bakery + SO much more. You can buy tickets here.

HT: In part, Good Eggs is about supporting local farms and small companies while encouraging people to eat responsibly. What are easy and affordable steps that anyone can take to eat in a more socially conscious way? 

MG: Good Eggs is on a mission to grow the local food economy. We know that supporting small and medium sized food businesses located in and around our foodsheds makes for more healthy communities, economies and citizens. One of the best things people can do to eat in a more socially conscious way is to eat in season. Its cheaper and way more delicious and nutritious. In addition, buy more whole food and less processed food. Also cook! Eating out is fun and easy, but when you buy your own ingredients and put your own meals together, you have control over where your food comes from and it’s more affordable. Plus who doesn’t love a home cooked meal with friends and family?! And lastly, try growing some of your own food. Herbs are an easy place to start.

HT: What’s next for Good Eggs?

MG: We will be offering delivery 5 days a week by May! And by the end of the summer all of our groceries will be delivered in reusable packaging making our operation even more sustainable and green. And finally, we will be offering local beer and wine in our marketplace this year!