Webisode x LookTV: Rose Bowl Flea Market

For my final Look TV webisode, I hit the flea market with Joanna Williams of textile studio Kneeland Co. Sourcing special pieces from markets all around the world is what Joanna does for a living, so I thought it apt to call on her for suggestions on how to sort through the mayhem. Joanna kindly joined me for a morning at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in August where we loaded up on dresses and baskets and had an exciting and hilarious run-in with our fave designer Isabel Marant. Check out the video for some really great tips and put them to use this Sunday at the Rose Bowl (second sunday of the month)!

While we’re on the subject of Joanna, have you seen her newly launched webstore Kneeland Co. Mercado? It’s gorgeous. T Magazine thinks so too. 11mercado-hartman-slide-I6PE-jumbo

Photo by Jeana Sohn