Shiva Rose Face Oil

After years of writing about natural beauty products for her blog The Local Rose, the blogger and actress Shiva Rose decided it was time to create a product of her own. After experimenting to find the perfect blend of nourishing oils, Shiva launched her Face Oil, a gorgeous mix of non-toxic ingredients, including organic jojoba oil, organic rose hip oil and kukui nut oil. This hydrating oil has quickly become one of my go-to products when I’m looking for a luxurious pick-me-up for my skin. I recently visited Shiva in her light-flooded home in the Santa Monica Mountains, where she took through the process of creating her signature product. Read on to learn more about Shiva’s Face Oil, her beauty philosophy and some of her favorite beauty products for summer.

Heather Taylor: What inspired you to create your luxurious Face Oil and what makes it unique?

Shiva Rose : I got inspired when covering so many non-toxic beauty products for my blog. I wanted to create a high nutrient oil for myself and when I realized how good it was for my skin I decided to make it in large batches and package it. It also came to me in a meditation from practicing Kundalini Yoga. What makes the serum unique is that oils used are of the highest grade and quality. I source the material from farms that I am familiar with or that I have a personal relationship to.

HT: Tell me about the process – do you make it yourself?

SR: I make the oils in my studio where I play specific mantras. The mantras can elevate the energy and create a higher, healing vibration. This has been proven with experiments done with water, and how water particles can hold energy.  I thought I would take it one step further within skin care.

HT: Alongside your oil, what are your favorite beauty products?

SR: Egyptian Magic, RMS lip balm in vanilla, Komenuka Bijin Shampoo and conditioner, Goe oil for body,
Tracie Martyn Amla purifying cleanser and body oils by the divine line called Jiva Apoha.  For summer makeup I love RMS lip and cheek tints!

HT: How do you maintain such a youthful glow? Any beauty secrets you would be willing to share with LA in Bloom readers?

SR: For a healthy glow I think getting enough healthy fats are key. This is great for healthy hair and skin. Eating butter, a spoonful of ghee or coconut oil helps the body so much. I also love to put coconut oil on my face then seal it in with Egyptian Magic for a dewey “glow”.

HT: What’s next for the Shiva Rose Beauty?

SR: I am getting ready to launch a rose wood candle made with paraffin free coconut base. It is a nice mix of rose and agarwood. Hopefully more beauty products to come after that!