Rubell Family Collection

One of the most inspiring moments I’ve had this week occurred today at the Rubell Family Collection in Miami’s Wynwood district. The current exhibition, 30 Americans, is a powerful and dynamic showcase of 31 artists. I was completely blown away by the collection of work and charmed by the sight of Mr. Rubell joyfully wandering through the warehouse and engaging with visitors.

From the exhibition statement:

As the show evolved, we decided to call it “30 Americans.” “Americans,” rather than “African Americans” or “Black Americans” because nationality is a statement of fact, while racial identity is a question each artist answers in his or her own way, or not at all. And the number 30 because we acknowledge, even as it is happening, that this show does not include everyone who could be in it. The truth is, because we do collect right up to the last minute before a show, there are actually 31 artists in “30 Americans.”

Glenn Ligon

Hank Willis Thomas

Jeff Sonhouse

John Bankston

Kara Walker

Kehinde Wiley

Leonardo Drew

Lorna Simpson

Nick Cave

Rodney McMillian

Noah Davis