Saveur Love and Breakfast in Bloom

I spent an hour this afternoon reading the new issue of Saveur cover to cover and am feeling extremely inspired and full of wanderlust. The current issue, October, is “The Breakfast Issue” and we are taken on a world wide exploration of the day’s most important meal. I don’t know what I want more: real chai tea from India, Peruvian caldo de gallina, an Egg McMuffin (there’s a shocking seductive article about this McDonald’s classic), blueberry pancakes from a California farm, or some British Bubble and Squeak.

The topic of breakfast is apparently in the air – about a month ago, the LA Times published several stories about the best places for brekkers in this fair city: Click HERE to see an overview of some of LA’s finest early morning options. And click HERE to see a list of LA’s best Asian breakfast spots.

In case I didn’t make this clear, I recommend y’all pick up a copy of this month’s Saveur. There are articles about toast and coffee and it’s the perfect reading material for curling up and getting cozy this fall.