I’ll take that vintage advice!

NY-based renaissance woman, Jennifer Brandt Taylor recently wrote a great post on her lovely blog, about the groundbreaking author and editor Helen Gurley Brown. As the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan for 32 years, HGB learned a thing or two about success and had some pretty sage words of advice to spread in her day. Here are two great ideas from her final editor’s letter in Cosmo. I’ve been coming back to them daily for inspiration:

“Self-Discipline ~ Do the rotten stuff first everyday . . . dreaded phone call, confrontation, awful work assignment. Getting the bad over with—it’s called postponing pleasure—will inexorably move you along the success trail . . . truth!”

“Popularity ~ Empathy is the most important social asset you can have. Feel what it’s like for them . . . How are you coming across? Talking too much? Ignoring signals of what they need? You don’t have to sparkle or be beautiful. Get the vibes, listen with your soul, respond with love, humor, applause . . . You’ll have a million friends. P.S. Enthusiasm doesn’t hurt . . . I love it, let’ s do it!”

Thanks JBT for posting this. Doing the rotten stuff first every day is truly brills!