Shop Visit: Hollyflora Market & Courtyard

LA-based florists and Hollyflora co-owners Holly Vesecky and Rebecca Uchtman have created a name for themselves by elevating flowers to an art form (literally: they have collaborated with LACMA and the Hammer) and pushing trends forward in the ever-popular industry of floral design. And just in time for start of holiday season they have opened the doors to their first boutique, the Hollyflora Market & Courtyard. My first impression upon walking into the sun soaked storefront was that they had nailed it. My second feeling was that of being transported to those magical boutiques that you stumble into in Paris.

The idea behind the shop was to sell everything one would need to set the stage for a dinner party. Being there made me want to stock up on poppy-hued beeswax candles, brass lanterns, knobby pumpkins and then immediately plan a fall lunch. The shelves are stocked with ceramics, textiles and various useful yet sleek garden accessories. Seasonal flowers are available for purchase by the bunch but they also hang from the rafters in a way that nods to Holly and Becky’s wedding design skills – these girls are used to creating drop-dead-beautiful settings for their clients’ events. Here they haven’t just opened a shop, they have created an environment. And the result is downright inspiring.

Hollyflora Market & Courtyard
5046 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90019
Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 9-5PM and by appointment
(323) 591-1120