Kitchen Musings


I had a great, cozy Sunday at home. I read the paper, did a bit of weaving and spent some quality time in the kitchen. I’ve been thinking about making soup lately, so I went back to a recipe for Sweet Potato and Sausage soup from an old issue of Bon Appetit. So delish. While in the kitchen, waiting for sausage to brown, I puttered around and contemplated all the possibilities. For example, I bought a pumpkin at the farmers’ market a couple weeks ago (above). Will I roast it? I’ve never cooked with pumpkin that didn’t come out of a can. I have a fantasy of cutting it into fourths, roasting it, and serving with some really good goat cheese. Just a thought.


Fancy nut butters – perfect for a Date Shake, of course.


I bought these cans of Cream of Coconut from Surfas in Culver City and have been playing around with a recipe for Coconut Cake provided by the owner/chef at Hartwood, my favorite restaurant in Tulum, Mexico. It’s so good (Chef Speak forthcoming!).


And what about this can of Chipotle Sauce (how cute, by the way)? I think it’s begging for sauteed shrimp. Maybe chipotle shrimp tacos?

What did you cook this weekend????