Recipe: Moon Milk


For the second part of our post on Moon Juice, founder Amanda Chantal Bacon shares a recipe for one of her signature Moon Milks (for the uninitiated, a Moon Milk is a blend of housemade almond milk with other tasty and healthful ingredients), and in doing so really gives us three recipes for the price of one. Below you will find a recipe for her terrific almond milk, one for her sweet and spicy yam juice and instructions for how to turn it all into a Moon Milk. Many thanks to Amanda, for sharing so much with us!

Serves 1 

The Yam Julius started out as most good things do, as a secret and accidental snack. There are three parts to his recipe: first we make a juice, second we make the sprouted almond milk and finally we make a Moon Milk. In one glass you will have the complete protein and calcium from the alkalizing almond milk, the mineralizing, hormone balancing, immunizing, and antioxidant force from the juice, the skin regeneration from the lucuma, and loads of bio available vitamin E, omegas, and fatty acids from the tocotreinols.

The real work starts with sourcing your almonds.  For sweet floral notes and a thick luxurious cream in your milk you must use un-pasteurized organic almonds. This is different from nuts labeled “raw” in stores, “raw” means pasteurized but not roasted, pasteurized means steamed and then dried in an oven (which kills off the enzymes, robs almonds of their delicate flavor, and cooks their precious oils). I use a local source from a California farm at Moon Juice and we get them hand delivered by our heroic farmer himself. I suggest you check out your farmers markets!
2 cups sprouted, unpasteurized, organic, almonds
1 cup spring water

Cover almonds in high quality water and let them activate in your refrigerator overnight
At least 8 hours later, drain them and blend them at a 2 (water) to 1 (almond) ratio
Blend until almonds have turned to a meal, and the water has turned to milk
Strain this mixture through doubled up cheese cloth and squeeze pulp until almost bone dry (you can save your high quality pulp and add to pancakes, bread, cookies, or granola)
Make sure to keep this milk covered to lock in its perfume, and refrigerated at all times!

To make this sweet and spicy yam juice make sure all the ingredients are 100% organic and washed.

1.5 medium red apples
1 large garnett yam
2 large carrots
a thick 1/2″ knob of ginger
1.5 tbs of ground cinnamon (sprinkle a little in the chute with each load of produce)

Throw all ingredients into your juicer, which should yield 8 oz of juice (we use the cold press method at moon juice, but you can use any juicing method you like. If you are not going to cold pressed, its best to enjoy your moon milk within 10 minutes of making the juice, to reap all the minerals and enzymes you can)

Back to the blender! At this point, we’ll combine the juice with the almond milk and fortify with some superfoods.

2 tbs of lucuma
2 tbs of tocotreinols
8 oz of yam juice
4 oz of almond milk

Pulse for a few seconds so that superfood powders are incorporated. You don’t want to over blend and heat and oxidize your liquids!

Voila, you’re done! It only took 12 hours to make this drink! You can get into a rhythm with these things, sprouting, juicing, milking, blending, and have a bustling little superfood kitchen, or on a busy day you can come visit us at Moon Juice!