Holiday Feeling


The holidays are not even “right around the corner” anymore. They’re here. We’re full blown in it. And I tend to get so wrapped up in life that it can be a bit of a challenge for me to embrace the holiday spirit. Until that is, I get invited to – I don’t know – a wreath making party!!!!! Yeah, that pretty much catapults one directly into a cozy holiday frame of mind.


Earlier this week, some girls and I sat around eating cheese with fig jam and drinking mulled cider amongst piles of evergreen leaves, berry covered branches and succulents. Everything about this night was good.


I had never made a wreath before but one of the guests grew up making them in Maine. And naturally, she emerged as our leader.


But really this was a very easy project – all you need is a wire frame, some green wire for wrapping and a bunch of foraged greenery (a big theme of the night was how gorgeous and fragrant it would be to make an all rosemary wreath. next year?).


And then you started layering and wrapping and before you know it – you’ve got a wreath! Beautiful right?


What are y’all doing to get into the holiday spirit? In addition to hanging my handmade wreath on my red door (opening image) I am indulging in a day of baking cookie on sunday. What are your plans? Hope they’re cozy.