Friday Night Plans


Daily Candy asked four LA locals to outline their favorite plan for a friday night. Here’s mine:

Warm up: The night begins with a cocktail (I order the Crafty and Elusive Elk) from the seafood-focused restaurant Son of A Gun. I order the smoked mahi dip and a bowl of linguine and clams, while enjoying the intoxicating aroma of fried chicken sandwiches being delivered to neighboring tables.
Main course: I head to the Arclight for the most comfortable movie-going experience in Los Angeles. Resist the urge to buy their house-made carmel corn.
Next level: En route back home, I swing by Mashti Malone’s, a Persian ice cream shop that is an LA institution. I order a small Faloodeh, their signature rosewater ice dessert. While I’m there I pick up a quart of Orange Blossom ice cream, peppered with pistachios. After all, I have the whole weekend ahead of me.

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Photo collage via Daily Candy.