Just got back from 24 hours of lounging and spa-ing in Palm Springs. After last week’s intensity, I really needed to chill. And everything about PS lulls me into a state of relaxation. Starting with these here Ricotta Pancakes with Maple Butter. Oh yeah.


We stayed at the Ace Hotel which felt absolutely perfect. As a former Parker addict, I feel like I have finally embraced the Ace as the place I want to be. In between spa treatments, we floated in the sparkling blue pool. We played Bingo at night. When we arrived it was cloudy but by the following morning we had clear blue skies.


What is it about being in the sun and staring at these mountains that I find so restorative?


I went with two of my closest lady friends so it was hard to get any reading done. I did manage to read one whole issue of the New Yorker cover to cover, which included a very informative (disturbing) article about Harry Reid and Sharon Angle and a hilarious (yet also disturbing) article by Ian Frazier about the invasive species of jumping fish, Asian-carp.


I wish I could bottle this moment.


And this one.