Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can’t Lose


About two weeks ago, I was at brunch with two of my girlfriends and I noticed that both of these ladies looked particularly glowey. Turns out they had just completed a cleanse courtesy of the new juice bar in Brentwood, Pressed Juicery. After three days of consuming eight juices and nothing else (except for water), they reported heightened energy, renewed focus and an overall glow. When I got home from brunch, I sat down at my computer, pulled out my credit card and signed right up.


The first shipment of juices arrived last Saturday (they deliver daily before 7AM) and I spent the weekend relaxing, watching movies, reading and drinking juice after juice. To my surprise, all the juices were delicious, most notably the almond milk (made with almonds, vanilla beans, dates and sea salt, hello?), which tasted like a milkshake after a day of drinking mostly veggie-based juice. And while the first two days posed some challenges (caffeine headache, hunger, weakened energy), by day three I felt like a changed woman. And the first day off the cleanse, I was more productive and focused then I’ve been in I don’t know how long. I felt clean, lean and glowing. And a week later, I’m still feeling the effects.


Now that it’s over and done with, I’ve been craving juices and trying to drink one green juice a day. Hopefully I can keep it up! Have you ever thought about doing a cleanse?

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