Writing Letters


The art of writing letters is obviously on its way to extinction – I get it. However. I can’t give up just yet. Writing and receiving thoughtfully crafted notes in the mail is just too darn lovely and frankly the stationary options are too beautiful to let go without a fight.


Now that I’m on my way to marriage, and have even received my first wedding gift, I realized that Alex and I are going to need some joint stationary for thank you notes. Naturally, I called upon the Queen and King of Letterpress, Jennifer and Nic Taylor (no relation) of Thunderwing Press in up-state New York to create something beautiful.


So now, of course, with these beauties in front of me, all I want to do is sit at my desk and do some letter writing. I happen to have the worst penmanship in the world (my sister tells me it’s worse than a five-year-olds – thanks sissy!) but it doesn’t matter on cards like these!


As this tradition is going by the wayside, would love to hear your thoughts. What are your favorite cards, stationary, etc? I used to pick-up a box of Smythson cards (above) every time I visited New York. That blue box just kills me. Do you even still send cards in the mail to people? Am I living on another planet? Let’s discuss!