Matteo My Heart


I’m in the process of redoing my bedroom, in anticipation of an upcoming photoshoot. It’s the one room in my house that hasn’t really felt cozy and this rapidly approaching shoot is a great excuse to fix things up a bit.


Remember my friend Lauren Soloff, of The Granola Project? In addition to being the granola queen, she is also a talented interior designer who has worked on many beautiful homes here in LA. Her style is warm, chic and slightly undecorated. She kindly offered to help me pull the bedroom together. And of course we have about three weeks to make this transformation complete.


It took us less than a week to decide on a palette (warm and cool whites studded with subtle contrasts), paint the walls and arrange for the bed to be reupholstered. In other words, we are totally on track for the deadline.


Yesterday Lauren and I met downtown to look for new linens at the beautiful warehouse space, Matteo. I literally wanted everything (Matteo is known for their washed linen sheets, which are almost unbelievably soft) and we were downright giddy when we discovered that everything was 60% off.


I left the store with two huge bags filled with a new duvet cover, sheets, pillow cases and shams. So excited to make up the new bed! Is there anything more fresh and clean feeling than a new bed? I can’t wait.


Oh one more thing – Matteo also sells loungewear in their signature washed linen. Obviously Lady Soloff and I each picked up a pair, which we have deemed our “friendship pants.” Normal behavior for a couple of ladies in their thirties, right?