Making Valentines

When life feels crazy, I like to take a pause and regroup. Maybe do something nourishing, perhaps a little crafty. Last week, this came in the form of making homemade Valentines with my sister, an activity we loved when we were little. After loading up on supplies, we spent an entire morning listening to the Savage Lovecast and crafting away. So soothing and lovely. We each had our different styles – hers was fast and furious, spelling out an “XO” with heart stamps. My style was more collage-based, incorporating swatches of Italian paper and using bright pink tape for borders. There are a million options and ways to be creative with this! Here’s a sampling of what you might need:

Solid notecards and envelopes
Decorative paper
Colorful tape
Double sided tape
Arrow stamp
Stamp pads
Dried rose petals
Gold pen