The Wild Magazine


Have you seen The Wild Magazine? It’s a fantastic publication, mainly online but they have printed several issues and are attempting to fund the publication of another print issue with the help of kickstarter.

I love their mission statement:

The Wild was founded on the premise that fashion, design, and style are not mutually exclusive from the social and cultural issues that impact our world.

While presenting a visually striking content, our international team of talented writers, photographers, designers and artists aims to focus on selfless modern day hero’s, artists with a vision, innovative sustainable initiatives and fashion with a conscience.

The Wild is more than a magazine, it’s a concept for a generation of visionaries, a rendezvous point for progressive and optimistic ideas for the world we live in.

Welcome to the Wild!

How cool is that? And if I wasn’t already sold, last week the kind folks at The Wild interviewed me for their blog. Check it out here.