Three Babes Bakeshop


I love pie, especially on a hot summer day, topped with a scoop of ice cream perhaps. So on our last trip to San Francisco, I was very happy when my sister shared her new favorite culinary discovery, Three Babes Bakeshop, a pop-up dedicated to making and selling handmade pie. It was difficult to choose between the delicious-sounding flavors – Peach and Mixed Berry Lattice, Salty Honey Walnut and a savory Summer Vegetable Pie with a Cornmeal Crust. I selected the the Honeyed Apricot Crumble and man, was it delish. So much so, that I decided to interview the Three Babes for Chef Speak (I’m happy to reveal that they shared their recipe for the Honeyed Apricot Crumble, which is basically a apricot pie finished off with crumble topping – best of both worlds kind of situation). Check out the new piece HERE!

And – I’m curious – what’s your favorite kind of pie? If I was faced with the difficult task of picking one, I think it would have to be peach. But in the fall there is nothing like a pumpkin pie to give me an instant cozy feeling.