Opening Our New Gallery Space

Many readers of LA in Bloom know that I own an art gallery in Culver City and that I have been embroiled in the lofty and exciting task of moving to a new location. After 7 years in our “intimate” space, Taylor De Cordoba has moved on and up into an airy storefront on a charming street (still in Culver City). It’s been a major process and hugely exciting. It all started on December 31, when Alex and I spent New Year’s Eve bidding farewell to the gallery we had called home for so long.

Fast forward to April 27, 2013, when we opened to the public with a Simone Shubuck show and a blow out party. After the opening we hosted a private dinner in the backyard for our collectors and friends. In the spirit of LA, we served tacos and tequila (along with mezcal margaritas from our pals at Animal/Son of A Gun). Hollyflora did a number with poppies and peonies. We draped Mexican sarapes over the tables and strung carnival lights to create the mood. The evening went off without a hitch (although I was so deep in hostess mode that I didn’t eat a thing and found myself a Canter’s Deli at midnight wolfing down a plate of french fries). And the next day I took the longest and best nap of my life.

And lastly, we got some crazy, crazy press:

New York Times
Interview Magazine
W Magazine 
Refinery 29