Farmers’ Market Fantasy


After travelling like a crazy woman for the last two months it feels so good to be settled in LA. While I love exploring new places and I feel lucky that my job takes me to them, there is nothing quite as comforting as normal life. For example, when you are constantly out of town, you can’t go to your local Famers’ Market, where you run into all your friends and fantasize about new ways to prepare all the picture perfect summer produce. Yesterday, my dream of routine came true and I spent a good hour walking the stalls of the Hollywood Farmers’ Market before heading home with shopping bags overfloweth.

IMG_7979Raw golden beets, sliced thin and sprinkled with paprika, sea salt and lime. Sliced figs.

I’m loving fresh herbs for iced tea and flavored water. Loaded up on some mint and basil yesterday.

Did I mention figs? These were perfect. I stuffed these little beauties with prosciutto, mint and feta.