Hola Los Angeles, Hola my life


I have just returned from a short trip to Mexico, which wraps up my crazy/inspiring month of travel. In four weeks I’ve been to Palm Springs (twice), Miami and Mexico. Some work but mostly just pleasure. I’m relaxed, ready to work and very very tan (Alex burst into laughter when he saw me at the airport).


As I tend to do, I picked up a bevy of treasures while walking the streets of Zihuatanejo – a new silver bracelet, a few locally made wooden spoons, stacks of vivid trivits, three Oaxacan rugs and a brightly colored woven tote. I predict that the cuff won’t leave my arm for a while. Oh, Mexico.


I couldn’t resist buying a copy of Mexican Vogue at the airport and I’m so happy that I did. The styling is off the hook and I fell in love with the story, “Pasion Por Frida.” Naturally.


So, now that I’m home, the goal is to infuse my life with some of the magic of my recent travels. I have a wedding to plan and a gallery to run, so watch me go. Starting now.


One last thing: just a quick thank you to my readers for baring with me through this period of dwindling posts. I’m back now and full of inspiration.