A Weekend in San Luis Obispo

A few weeks ago, my girlfriends and I spent a magical weekend in San Luis Obispo, a sweet little town on the Central Coast of California. We stayed in a spacious house, Casita Las Brisas, complete with hot tub, native landscaping and drop dead gorgeous valley views. The environment was conducive to complete relaxation and inspiration.

Moments after we arrive. Bea, Joanna, Simone and I were giddy and instantly fell in love with the view.

Hello SLO!

We took a million pictures and tried to control our desire to instagram every single moment.

IMG_2237 IMG_2228
My sister drove down from San Francisco and arrived just in time for a perfect sunset.

Just really really happy to be there at that moment.

Morning fog, view from the house.

Sun Room – where we drank coffee and read magazines in the morning.

IMG_2226 IMG_2251
We drank a bit of champagne with raspberries. And spicy tequila cocktails made by Bea.

And chilled Lambrusco in the hot sun.

The sun felt amazing and I tried to soak it all in (for short intervals, while wearing sun screen)

We went to the farmers market and admired the impressive bounty of local produce and flowers.

SLO is wine country and we visited several wineries one afternoon. Our favorite was Edna Valley, where we stocked up on gourmet ingredients and bottles of wine to bring home. We also turned it into a photoshoot.

And played amongst the flowers.

And lastly….this happened. Perfect ending to an indulgent and cozy weekend with the girls!