Camping in Paradise


To celebrate my husband’s recent birthday, we headed up to Los Padres National Forest and set up camp in the Upper Oso Campground for a weekend of campfires, gourmet camp cooking and no cell phones. Upper Oso is about a two hour drive from LA but it feels like another world – we could have been anywhere. The weather was hot, so after our first breakfast we trekked to the Red Rock pools for a day of swimming, sunbathing and jumping off rocks into the cool pools. Bea made cocktails and we had lunch of chips, guacamole, sardines, and cherries.

At night, we stoked the fire and cooked foil packets of potatoes and asparagus with wild sage and apricots. We made quesadillas and drank tequila. We told stories and slept underneath the stars. Can’t wait for the next adventure.

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