From LA to NY


I just returned from a 2-part week out of town. The first half was a work trip spent in New York City, visiting with collectors, curators, artists and press. My short time there was filled with meetings but I managed to sneak in a few pleasures. It started with the flowers at the Ace Hotel (our NY home). Every time I was coming or going I smiled at beautiful flower cart flanking the hotel’s entrance.


In the middle of a hectic day, I stole away to the Museum of Modern Art to see the gorgeous exhibit, Matisse: Radical Invention, 1913–1917. Wow, did I love this. Seeing the below painting, Blue Nude (1907) brought me back to my college days studying art history and reminded me how much I used to love it. I had a professor who said that this painting changed everything. Maybe I’ll sign up for an art history class this fall. Maybe.


Believe it or not, I managed to fit in a visit to the newly opened Lanvin store on Madison Avenue and 68th Street (I know it’s hard to believe that I managed!). Over the top gorgeousness around ever corner – I literally became breathless, at one point, I kid you not. And I tried on some wedding dresses, cause that’s what I do. My version of wedding planning is trying on wedding dresses. Problem? (Mom, don’t answer that.)

IMG_4758 IMG_4767

And the icing on the cake was meeting a friend of a friend (who is now a friend) for lunch at Bergdorf Goodman – roasted beet salad, crisp white wine followed by a peach tart and homemade peach ice cream!