Inspiring Business: Earth Tu Face

My friend Crystal Meers recently introduced me to the line of natural beauty products, Earth Tu Face and I quickly became hooked. Founded by two Northern California-based herbalists, the line is inspired by nature and made for sensitive skin (like mine). The first product I tried was the Skin Stick, a multi-purpose salve that I use on my lips, nails, etc, and now I find myself feeling anxious if I don’t have one on my person at all times. Made with geranium and vetiver, it has the most heavenly scent.

During a long weekend spent in San Francisco, I met up with founder Sarah Busco at her insanely gorgeous apartment. When I wasn’t completely distracted by the city views, we talked health, beauty, business, cooking, foraging and other good stuff. I felt like Sarah was full of inspring tips, so I asked if we could do a short interview. And, cause she’s rad, she also agreed to do a little giveaway for LA in Bloom readers (check back later in the week for this!).
Heather Taylor: What inspired you to develop and launch Earth Tu Face?

Sarah Buscho: It was an organic process that started from making my own skin care products. I was allergic to everything store bought and needed to find a solution for my skin. Then after learning a lot about synthetic ingredients I began to feel that we need a beauty revolution, to help people (women, men, people of all ages) see that it matters what you put on your body just as much as what goes into your body.

HT: What is one thing that people can incorporate into (or remove from) their daily routine to live a healthier life?

SB: Remove pesticides! Go organic for yourself and the planet. Incorporate time to get outside – nothing makes you more beautiful than a healthy amount of sunlight, laughter and the negative ions that fresh air brings. Get your hands in the dirt! It is good for the soul and we actually soak up trace minerals from the soil.

HT: Do you have a favorite herb to grow and what is your favorite way to use it?

SB: Chamomile! It is a beautiful plant and smells fantastic. My favorite way to use it is to dry it and then make tea to calm my nerves, or throw it in the bath. For skin it speeds healing and soothes redness or irritation.

HT: What are your beauty secrets?

SB: Oat bathes! Seriously, infuse a bath with oats (whole oats that you would make oatmeal out of), let them steep like tea in a muslin bag and make the bathwater milky. It makes your skin soft and smooth. Also, baking soda. It can be used for so many beauty tips – you can even wash your hair with it.

HT: As we both know, running a small business is hard work. What are some of your tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?

SB: Choose something you love and believe in, you are going to spend a lot of time doing it. I found delegation to be the key to survival – do the things you are best at – and delegate the rest. Things will be bumpy at times but if you can laugh with the people you work with during the ups and downs you’ll enjoy the process.

Photos by Alex de Cordoba