Summer Sandles

When I took my dream trip to Greece three years ago, Alex and I ran around Athens searching for these handmade leather sandals I had been reading about. Stavros Melissinos, “The Poet Sandal Maker of Athens,” and his father have been making chic little sandals for years for the likes of Jackie Onasis, John Lennon and Sophia Loren. After searching, we found the store and each left with a pair of sandals (or two). Anyway, I’m getting all revved up for summer (I have my summer drink and my summer tote all set) so I’ve been pulling out my “Doric,” which look even better than they did when I bought them three years ago. These can be ordered online a

The “Olympia”:

The “Doric”:

The “Jackie Onassis”:

The “Maria Callas”: