A Real Eye Opener

I had a major scare on Saturday. Did any of you catch it? I got an email from a friend that simply said this: “your blog is gone?!”

I was out and about, stuck in my car on the freeway but managed to pull out the old iphone and type in the letters lainbloom.blogspot.com.

“This Blog Has Been Permanently Deleted.” Momentary panic ensued, followed by the realization that if L.A. In Bloom was gone for ever, I would survive. Maybe it would even be a bit liberating (I didn’t fully buy that one)?

I had slid into full acceptance mode that all my content was gone, poof, just like that, when just a few hours later it all miraculously and mysteriously reappeared online. Obviously I was happy. But I felt a bit confounded by this abstract relationship I have to technology – I completely depend on it, but understand so little about it. The whole kerfuffle was yet another reminder to live in the moment and appreciate what is right in front of you. Like beautiful flowers, for example…