Last night, we ate at Bastide, Walter Manzke’s newly opened, modern French restaurant in West Hollywood. The experience is dramatic from start to finish. As we approached the door, the host greeted us warmly by saying, “Oh good, we’re thrilled you’re joining us tonight. Let me take you to your table.” I mentioned the name of our party to which he responded, “Oh I know who you are. Follow me.”

There are two ways a meal at Bastide can go – the 4 course prix fix or the 7 course. We did the 7 and the accompanying wines. Once you sit down, a server offers you a glass of champagne and bacon brioche (a brilliant combo, by the way). Highlights of the meal were big eyed tuna in tangerine jelly, miso soup with noodles, sea urchin and abalone and a tasty chunk of fried duck. As if in Europe, the meal lasted for four and a half hours. The Kubrick-esque interior and lush vertical garden served as the perfect backdrop for such edible theatrics. All in all, a memorable experience. And expensive. Very very expensive.

475 Melrose Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(323) 651-5950